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Homeschool Lesson Plans

Click here     It's not easy homeschooling your kids.
Matching up what you think you should teach your child at any particular age is by no means a simple task that only require a few
minutes of thought. Once you settle in on that, then you begin designing your homeschool lesson plan for the school year, determining the reading list, coming up with and getting field trips on the calendar
and gathering all your homeschool supplies and supplemental materials.

    Today the internet does offer some relief and assistance for many of these homeschooling tasks. With access to the web you then also have access to countless numbers of like minded parents, forums, and discussion groups.


Home Schooling; A Viable Alternative to Conventional Education

by: Jay B Stockman

Statistics show that elementary home schooling is the ideal time to start a home schooling program for a child. Children who enter home schooling during the elementary years are the students that tend to succeed the most. Throughout the course of their home schooling, these children will reach the highest level of academics when compared to the national average. Additionally, students who start young, often find themselves three to four grade levels above that of their public school peers.

On the other hand, high school home schooling can be extremely challenging. By the time a child reaches this level of education, they may be far too advanced in their educational needs to be taught by you. If that is the case, it will be necessary to seek out various resources that are available for home schooling. Online resources that provide both curriculums, and textbooks are available, which will allow a child to learn through the web. Classes can be held in a virtual classroom, students can use a web cam to participate, or they can be simply assessing lecture-based courses online as well.

Before considering a home school option, it is important to insure that the child�s current education is tested. This can be done right online through a series of tests. The tests will access the knowledge of a child, their weaknesses as well as strengths. This can then be used to help choose the right method and curriculum for a child�s needs.

There are many curriculums available for home schooling, and they can focus on the specific needs of the child. In the elementary levels, there is a wide range of course work. While it may be necessary to choose a program that fits with your state�s regulations, programs that are suited to what a child wants to learn should be considered as well. For many, this includes specific studies such as languages or Christian home schooling. It is important to take the time to choose the right home schooling package for you, and your child. This will allow you to learn more about the program, and to insure you know what is included as well as which methods are used for teaching it.

There are disadvantages of home schooling that must be considered. Many parents feel that the purchase of home schooling materials is too expensive. In some cases, the local or state government will help fund the home schooling, though this is not so in all areas. Some feel that the home-schooled child is not getting the social experience that they need to learn to work with other children and to then use later in life. While this is true to a certain
Home schooling is an excellent bonding time for you and your child to share learning experiences together.
level, it can be overcome by encouraging the child to play a sport or to be involved in community activity. Further, home school parents may end up feeling that they are not educated enough to teach their child. This apprehension is unfounded; there is a wide range of teacher resources to tap into, as well as forums. Besides, parents teach their children how to eat, behave, go to bed, it is an instinctive behavior.

Home schooling is an excellent bonding time for you and your child to share learning experiences together. The cons of home schooling do not outweigh the plusses. Elementary is the best time to get started with your child in the home schooling environment. They can reap the rewards of being at home with you, by working on a program designed for their needs and at the pace that they need, and they can find the value of all that home schooling can offer.

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Jay B Stockman is a contributing editor for Eclectic HomeSchooling Resources Visit for more information.

Dr. Jay B Stockman is an individual contributor to Google Health Co-op

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A new addition to education, the internet is now providing the ability for parents to give their child an enhanced curriculum, control over education, and online support. This will all cost much less than private school at an average cost of $900 per year.

Older children can benefit from online teachers who are able to supervise the work - a huge benefit for working or single parents. Many accredited Internet schools offer similar courses to those available in private schools.


There is a world-wide trend that is seeing a growing number of children getting homeschooling.

While it may seem like a good idea to start schooling your children from home, it is important that you take the right steps to help you become successful. Setting up and properly managing your home schooling is a vital component to getting your children to work with you. By being properly prepared in the beginning you will be ready to meet any challenges head on.


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Traditional home schooling where the parent is the supervisor of the child's work is the option. With fantastic resources and helpful teachers to assist, it has been a form of education that can be the answer to parents who want the one-on-one education that public schools cannot provide.

Home schooling has been the basis of society for thousands of years - long before schools came about. However, in today's society it can be difficult for parent's to maintain the supervision of assignments that is needed for home schooling. This may become even more of an issue as a child gets into the higher grades and parents are unfamiliar with the curriculum or are working and do not have as much time to assist them.


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